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White folk

I need some help with yall. I’ve lived in a generally white community my whole life and I still don’t understand some things, mostly the following(if you feel offended, this describes you):

  • Why do yall feel the need to take ebonics, run with it and use it in your daily life, then make fun of black people for having inferior vocabulary to you?
  • Why is it that if I like Obama its automatically because I’m black and uninformed about politics, but if you like Romney its because you simply “want the country to do better”?
  • Why is it that yall assume that you can run around screaming “sup nigga?” or “my nigga” but get mad when people like Nas use the word as a title of something?
  • Why do yall just assume all minorities are using ebt cards or gaining financial aid when for years whites have lead the list of people getting food stamps?
  • Why is it yall want to act ghetto when you get around black people and just assume because you want to listen to trap music that you are automatically cool with us?
  • Why do you insist on criticizing rap music on the radio when you know damn well yall are the reason the music on the radio is so successful? Black people I know(myself included) don’t buy music unless its Kendrick or someone changing the game positively, and we dont call into Top 40 stations to have a song played.  

Just wondering?

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